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    I bought Microsoft Office Student Edition a few months ago before I got the Treo 800w. At the time, I didn't think I needed Outlook. Now I do. Does M/S offer you the ability to purchase Outlook separately?

    Other questions: My Dell has "Outlook Express" built-in. Will having both Outlook Express and Outlook on the same machine cause any problems?
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    I purchased Outlook 2007 on Amazon for 69.95; it won't cause any problems Outlook Express.
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    Huh. I used the trial version (the Website link) used on the Treo 800w install CD-ROM. If I buy from Amazon, can I either A) re-install the new software over the trial version or (B) use the new code that you would get from the Amazon purchase to say that you bought the software (meaning the trial version)?
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    What about this version with Business Contact Manager?
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    If you are a student, you can purchase Outlook 2007 alone for $52.95 from
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    Just discovered this great deal:

    So if you already have Office student edition basic, how does one work in the new codes for all the other extra MS apps?

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