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    POS: hourlyXcast = WM: Weather Watcher 1.0.8 (free) has the same info and more
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    I have been using Weather Watcher for a bit over a week and it has provide excellent service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aviator View Post
    So what do you all use with styletap?
    I sprung for the $50 and bought it. Use some key medical stuff from POS.
    Maybe we can make a list of what works with styletap on the 800W?
    Just for grins, I tried Takephone with Styletap. It runs, sort of, but, as I suspected, could not really "talk to" and of the WM databases...etc. This would be a great addition (Takephone-like app) to WM software.
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    Has anyone found a replacement for Volume Care, especially for speaker volume?
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    +1 on Butler... one of those apps you can't live w/o if you're on POS.
    I love Treo Alerts and is the first thing I actually added to my 800w but I really miss Butler.

    Butler would probably run on StyleTap but I think there are too many OS specific things that would make it useless in WM6.1...
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    What else does Butler do other than alerts that you would want on your 800?
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    -6 alarm clocks (massive amounts of options)
    -keyboard repeat rate/scroll rate
    -the attention grabber was great b/c it would nag me (which is what i needed)
    -led control
    -several keyguard features
    -remote lock

    It may sound pointless to some but it was a really good small program that I just always used and it kind of grew on the phone so much it was almost like a built in POS app...

    I'm sure I'll live w/o it and there'll be other WM programs similar, etc., etc., but it was just nice to have...
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    Once I went to the Centro, Butler wasn't helping me as far as led reminders anyway. If you haven't tried Treo Alarm (there's a huge thread on that in here), make sure you do. It is the original nagger, and the blinking lights, vibrates, colors, the works - are in there.

    I mostly used Butler for alarms, but gave it up in favor of MobileClock on the using SPBAlarm on the 800w to replace MobileClock.

    Keyboard repeat rate/scroll rate...what for?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alli View Post
    Keyboard repeat rate/scroll rate...what for?
    Let's say I'm on a long website and I'm using the 5-way, it would greatly increase the speed the page would scroll, also the speed it jumped between links.......

    Anyway, it was useful for me - apparantly the developer put it in b/c he had something similar in mind that I thought off. Plus on my previous Treo, the 700p, the delay/repeat was painfully slow.
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    Gotcha. I knew Rob had added in repeat rate for KeyCaps support, but I didn't know you could use it for any other purpose.
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    Looking for a POS Calculator Replacement, Website search wasn't very helpful. Primarily looking for the ease of conversions like in the POS Calculator.

    Not interested in StyleTap or whatever, trying to go ColdTurkey on POS to prevent me wanting to go back to my 650.
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    can weather watch be display on Today screen? like weather panel

    Quote Originally Posted by sxtg View Post
    POS: hourlyXcast = WM: Weather Watcher 1.0.8 (free) has the same info and more
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    Is there an equivalent to Snap / Slap for WM?
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    Quote Originally Posted by noahas View Post

    Mundu --> Fring (great program!)
    Does Fring handles voip and IM messages via their own server?
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    Fring handles voip via Skype. (It does all the popular messaging clients and is absolutely free.) But I don't see anywhere on their site whether they use the native servers directly or their own proxy server.
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    After long searching on fring website I found an answer. They use their dedicated servers to connect to skype, googletalk and onther voip clients.
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    I removed Fring. It started acting weird, and the font exploded...would have been nice, but there was no space up and down between lines so I couldn't read anything. Couldn't get it to act normally again even after re-installing. Pity.
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    Is there a utility for WM that will allow me to launch multiple different apps from the same hard button just by holding it different lengths of time? I used to use QLaunch or QuickLaunch on PalmOS and more recently have been using Rotary on PalmOS... Is there a comparable app for WM?
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    On the Palm OS I used to enjoy a little freeware program called "convert". I've found a Windows Mobile equivalent, that is also free, called pocketConvert.
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    Thank you - I will give it a try.
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