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    Anybody know how to add notification icons to the screen saver? All mine ever shows is the time and date.

    BTW, since the screen is transflective, turn down the backlight fully if outdoors. Saves a ton of battery and it's perfectly readable though not very colorful.

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    Mine shows me when I have new messages... never tried it with missed calls or voice mails though.
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    I see a phone symbol on the screen saver for a missed call and I think it shows a voicemail and text as well.
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    It also shows low battery. Discovered that last night.
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    Mine showed charging last night so I guess there's nothing to configure. I thought it would show e-mails, but guess not.

    EDIT: Just tested a missed call--works fine. I'd gone a day w/o notifications and ASSuMEd it wasn't working properly.

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