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    Has anyone sync up with thier Pioneer AVIC D3 bluetooth unit? I have tried the jetware software but keep does not have any audio going though the unit. I dont know if the jetware software has installed correctly, because it keeps hanging up during install. The problem now is that I can even remove the jetware program from my phone, the treo keeps hanging up. can anyone give guidence on this issue(s).
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    Did it pair ok? What is it you are trying to do that isn't working? Making calls? Playing music through it from your Treo?

    If the latter did you try enabling A2DP? (click *and hold down* on device name in bluetooth settings until a popup appears and select "Set as Wireless Stereo")
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    are you able to dial through the unit? I'm planning to get Pioneers F series deck and the voice services seem great.
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    I can sync up, but no audio from the Pioneer unit. I have set up both ways in regards to audio and headset settings. Does jetware even work with the 800?
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    I have a D3 and the BTB200 and am well aware of all the BS problems Pioneer has with this setup. My 650 paired and would take and recieve calls, but nothing else, and it paired in a backwards way. My 700p wouldn't do a stupid thing. Fortunately, the 800 will pair in a similarly backwards way as the 650 and I can also get my contacts over, albeit you have to add them one by one. I did this without Jetware. Although I tried Jetware, it caused some error with the Bluetooth stack on the 800, gave me a bunch of random errors and I had to do a soft reset. After I did this and uninstalled Jetware I went beck to try to pair it with the Pioneer and eventually it worked. I have no idea if this was necessary or not.

    I'm sorry I don't have a better description of what I did, but it took me prolly 20 min of fidgeting around with different procedures none of which match Pioneer's instructions. Basically from the function tab of the BT phone menu on the pioneer, you press the search button. It took me countless tries and a lot of "Invalid Device" errors. The 800w recognizes the pioneer without a problem and pairs most of the time, however the pioneer gives you a number of different errors. At the time I got it to pair properly I do not recall if the pioneer was in the 800's known devices list already or not. After you get it to pair properly, you go to the Phone Register menu and press and hold on the space where you want your phone to be saved. To add contacts, you go to the phonebook transfer screen and hit the transfer button. Of course this does not work they way it is supposed to (we're talking about Pioneer here). The D3 will drop the bluetooth connection with your phone. On the phone go to the contact in the contact list you want to transfer, hit the menu button> send contact> beam>, it says infrared and under that searching. Give it a few seconds and it will say unknown device. Click that and it will send the contact over. There may be a way to beam all the contacts at once, I don't know how.

    PM if you have any questions, I know how frustrating this process can be.
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    I've got the Pioneer AVIC-F900BT and it works great with my 800w. It's able to get my full address book into contacts on the head unit but I can't figure out how to pick and choose individual contacts only. I tried to install jetware on the 800w hoping this would allow for better control of what gets sent to the radio but it didn't install properly so I just removed it.
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