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    Last week my wife got the 800w, and I got the Blackberry Curve. At first we were both very happy with our choices. As time went on I started having doubts about mine. BB would hang up on aplications, and battery life was terrible! The BB couldn't last me 24 hours with very light use (about 45 min web surfing and nothing else). The last straw was after the battery died I couldn't do anything until it charged for about 40 minutes.

    What is different about the BB that you can't use it on a low battery even while charging? I let my phoe battery drain often (not on purpose, but I do) and have always hooked it to my car charger and talked away. Not on the BB.

    Long story a little longer, I returned the BB and got the 800w. It runs so much smoother and battery life is very reasonable. Best of all I can use it while charging regardless of battery status.

    I may have had a "bad" BB, but I have no regrets returning it.
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    Welcome to the Dark Side
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    Honestly, I can only guess that you had a bad BB. There's seriously no way in heck an 800w comes within miles of the battery life on a BB.

    I have an 800w and a Curve, both of which are sitting on my desktop at the moment, and I'm debating which one to keep. With regard to the battery though, it's so far apart it's laughable. I've had the Curve on for the last 2 1/2 days about 2 hours of phone use, 100's of emails and plenty of web-surfing to boot. Not even a contest assuming the Curve in question isn't a lemon.

    On the other hand, having such wonderful integration with my laptop and desktop is amazing. My personal opinion is the 800W, being a Windows device, will only get better over time.

    Darn, what to do, what to do.
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    To be honest I do think it is pretty likely that it was a lemon BB. A guy at work says he charges his BB once a week. I was told when I bought the Curve that it was the last one in town (Sprint), but this one was such a bad experience that I wouldn't have wanted another Curve anyway.
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    this is kind of a crazy thread. I use a curve with work and the baterly easily lasts three times longer than the 800w.

    The curve has about the highest battery life of any handsets in the class.

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