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    I asked what the price would be since the tag wasn't out, and had my co-worker look it up, and told me it would be $199.99. I was like... Are you kidding me? I looked at the soon to be printed tag, and it was $199.99 as long as you do the 2yr contract. 1yr was $349.99.

    I said... Sweet, now what's the mail-in rebate? He told me we dont do mail-in, and what you see on the tag is what you pay.

    So when I realized i'd be paying $199.99 out the door, I decided to buy it on my lunch.

    Got it all done, and ready to pay and it said $749.99. After some looking and talking, I had to go back to my 700p for now, and here is why.

    For some odd reason, we cant sell them until the 27th, which is next Sunday. We couldn't even over-ride the system, and since the dept needs to get a kick back, I had to wait.

    So here is the deal. For those of you who want one, you're gonna get it at a steal of $199.99 and NO MAIL IN REBATE. This means cheaper than Sprint and Palm.

    Bad news is that you'll need to wait until next Sunday.

    Good news, is that you can thank ME, and hope that no one else in your area knows, and you'll be the one to get it.

    Bad news. is that there aren't too many, as in 1 or 2 in select stores. Now they probably wont hold them, so I would suggest going in next Sat if your store has one, and then tell them you'll pick it up on Sunday.

    Just say you heard from another Best Buy that they are in, but cant be sold till Sunday.

    So for me, it looks like next Sunday. And since I am on SERO, they had to call. It worked like a charm (except they said i'd pay a $18 activation fee) until we realized we couldn't sell them yet.

    So there is your Best Buy news, and you are welcome
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    At bestbuy you still need to be eligable for an upgrade correct? Meaning you cant just renew a 2yr at anytime and get their 2yr price.
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    That's GREAT news, Quickstang. Thanks for the update!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ihtc View Post
    At bestbuy you still need to be eligable for an upgrade correct? Meaning you cant just renew a 2yr at anytime and get their 2yr price.
    Correct. Either you can find out, or they can type it in the system and tell you if you are eligible for a 1yr or 2yr.

    The best thing is that you PAY what ever it is out the door. Since I am on SERO, I hate to do some mail-in then they tell me it wont work, or wait, or it get lost. I like the fact of paying $199 out the door with no worries.

    They told me they always get better deals then the Sprint store. Not sure why, but the soon to be tag for next week was proof. Sure it's only $50, but that $50 will pay for tax and a microSD or possibly a case and charger when they all come in.

    Of course I get the discount on the accessories, but it's stll $$ saved and less of a hassle with instant rebates, and knowing that I walk out of there with no problems. I also have the 30 days to return it if I dont like it.

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