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    I seem to be having problems with my 800w today. It's somehow charging and discharging. I'm thinking something is lose inside. I plugged my 800w into my wall charger when it was about 16% full, I saw it slowly charging. About 2 hours later, I noticed the 800w was almost drained. I unplugged the device, removed the battery and replaced it and then plugged the wall charger in again. It appears to be charging as normal. But what I notice is when I unplugged the wall charger, device is still connected to the cable, my 800w status showed that it was still charging. Of course it's not charging, since it was unplugged from the wall. I didn't hear a beep when you unplug the USB cable from the device.

    Just curious if happened to anyone else.

    I may have to get a replacement unit already.
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    Sometimes mine takes up to 10 seconds to acknowledge ac or loss of ac.
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    I posted about this in the 16 hr battery life thread. I think if the battery is above 90 pct, the Treo will think it's charging even when unplugged from the wall.

    I believe that's why I woke up to a dead battery.
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    I don't think my battery was even close to 90% when I unplugged the charger from the wall. I think it was probably around 30%. I'll try unplugging it from the wall and leaving unplugged for 15-30 minutes or so, while the USB part is still plugged into the device.

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