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    After one year of use, some keys take extra hard pressure to be recognized by my treo. I have P, I and especially D-pad's down key not working good. Anyone else experienced the same?? Any solutions??

    Its very disappointing to see such a good phone but lacking quality and giving way to wear n tear so soon (just one year). Hope 850 wont do this, else I will have to buy a new phone every year.
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    My P needs a little extra pressure as well... (that sounds really strange btw)
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    Both of you are lucky your phones lasted for year before problems come up. My current 750 is the 12th replacement unit I got from Palm Asia for the past 4 months since I bought it. I got all sorts of problems from unresponsive keys, unresponsive LCDs to even dead pixels.
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    yes mine too... the quality getting worst
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    I have a 750 I used for a while then someone else did and he started complaining about the keyboard. It worked fine if you pressed keys individually as though you were testing it but when got started typing you were dropping charecters like crazy. So I thought about opening up the Treo to see if there was some build up or something interfering withe keys. What I found was there is a membrane between the keys & the keyboard. I took it out. the keys all work again they just don't feel gushy anymore they are more solid. But the keys now keep up when I am typing away.

    Just food for thought.
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    I had the same problem with the keyboard on my TREO 750 and had the phone replaced under warranty and after the warranty expired the earpiece speaker went dead and had to fix it. Other than that I did like it a lot, but now I replaced it with the iPhone 3G (what a huge difference).
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    My M and C need extra-pressure. is a common problem
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    I did the same thing, took the membrane out.
    My 3rd Treo.

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    I should add, for anyone hesitant, that a) it voids your warranty but b) it's easy as pie to do.
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    so to fix the stick/non operation keys you took the membrane out and cleaned the device... interesting. Good idea! come to think of it my m is getting a little stiff to push
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    I've exchanged my 6 times! Once was due to power issue and 5 other times due to specific keys not responding after a few week/months. Been using Palm since Pilot days and quality of 750 keyboard is the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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