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    Is anyone using the 800w with a Pioneer car stereo and the Pioneer D-BTB200 Bluetooth Kit? I know the 700wx wouldn't work without using a third parry application on the phone so I against it, but if the 800w works with no problems then I will probably pickup the kit for my car. I just don't want to spend the money and waste time installing it if it wont work.

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    I have the Pioneer D-BTB200 and while it pairs with my phone (800w) - it keeps defaulting to AD2P. I can't get the handsfree for phone calls to work at all. It will play music from Windows Media though - go figure.

    I thought installing the BT upgrade would work - but no luck it did not.

    The Treo 680 worked with no problems, but that's probably because it would default to Handsfree because I had to use SAG for AD2P.

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