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    Any way to determine the EVDO signal quality or to troubleshoot connection issues?

    I seem to have more connection troubles with the 800w than I had with the 700p.

    Houston Tx. Western fringe near Highway 6.

    Per another thread, I just turned on the Rev A this morning. Speed test went great, got up to 960.

    But I do have intermittent problems connecting. See the #777 dialing message and then an Unknown Connection issue (more text than that but that's the gist of it).

    My 700p seemed to connect consistently in the same locations.
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    Odd. My 800w seems to have a constant, stronger connection than my Mogul ever had. Is it perhaps an issue with the network in that area? Can you re-activate your 700p and see how good of a connection it gets?
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    check the registry tweaks sticky for evdo signals

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