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    Um, the 800w is advertised as having standalone GPS, fanboy. Do some reading next time.

    Sprint also doesn't guarantee 100% coverage across the globe. What happens if I have my Sprint-activated 800w in a place where I don't have a signal? The kind of place where having standalone GPS would be VERY handy? I guess I'll just use my Mogul since it does everything the 800w does, and more.
    Fanboy eh? That is fairly amusing considering this is the first palm device I've ever owned (had a POS clie many years ago, for what thats worth)

    I am simply a long time Sprint subscriber with reasonable expectations. PALM (not sprint) advertised the hardware as "standalone" and the hardware, as I've pointed out, appears to BE standalone. It would seem that Sprint has perhaps disabled the ability of the hardware to function without the ability to at least use their network to get an initial lock. Sprint has not advertised the GPS as ANYTHING other then "GPS capable"

    My point is, that if you are basing your decision to purchase a device that has a disclaimer printed ON THE BOX that it will need a specific service to operate on whether or not only one of many functions will operate without that service...then perhaps a phone is not exactly the device you're looking for.

    Bottom line - The GPS unit on the 800w functions wonderfully. Unless you are a very very small percentage of people that will need to find a GPS lock in a location that does not also have CDMA service then this unit will work perfectly fine for you.

    If you insist on a functional GPS off network, then hold out and hope for a firmware. Although I would advise that perhaps you should just spend 1/6th as much on a tomtom that will have 5 times the battery life.

    PS: Should you be posting in the Mogul forum? Judging by your post history you're clearly not a fan. Thats fine. Just leave those of us be that are happy and trying to help others.
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