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    OK, well I have a Kingston miniSDHC card I bought from Newegg about 6 months back or so. It's been running great in my Treo up until last night, I dont know what happened, the Treo just stopped recognizing it, then I tried it in its adapter and in my computer, still with no luck. I see it as a "removable drive" but when I click it, it tells me its not formatted and asks me what to do, I say no and try again. Hmm...

    How do I get any and all data saved on that card back, any ideas? Anyone know of any good recovery programs for that kind off stuff. Also I looked up my invoice for the purchase (NewEgg) and saw that I paid $40 for the card in mid Dec. 2007, since then it is a discontinued item on their site. I also dont see anything comparible that they could replace it with. What do you think they will do when I call once they open today?
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    Well, the card may not need replacing. It may have simply become corrupted. Of course, you'll have to attempt a reformat to figure that out.

    I know there are some recovery programs that also work well for SD and MMC cards, but I can't think of them off hand. I bet google knows.

    Good luck!
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