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    I was so looking forward to this device but the 320x320 is so annoying. it is hardly an improvement. The fact that most apps look crappy on it such as quickmenu, phone alarm, and many others is so sucky. Ill be returning mine next week as this is not a happy combination for me. Ill be waiting for the htc touch diamond.
    ill give it a weekend but so far in the 24 hours ive had it. the batter life is terrible and i hate the spint bar. we need that gone too much screen taken up,
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    It is not the devices fault that the programs weren't coded for 320. If you want the progs fixed, email the developers. WisBar(LakeRidge Software) has ben very responsive to my requests.
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    phonealarm supports 320x320 but u need skinners to make the skins for it ;-) vga users also have few skins...

    either way, that's what u get for diving into a new device it's first week! I mean damn...give the community at least a few weeks to respond, lol

    Do you think every app can handle VGA too? I hope not...
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    Have you enabled cleartype yet? Settings -> Screen -> ClearType tab.
    Also, try the battery tweaks mentioned in this forum and give your unit a chance to cylce a few times. I already have had mine for a week. It's no endurance champ but, the battery life is much better now.
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