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    My Phone as Modem is very slow...109/48 worst, 219/94 best at on the MacBook Air. If I just use the phone browser for a mobile speed test I get 654 from mobile. I'm not worried about Rev A. speed, Rev 0 is acceptable, but sadly these results clearly are not.

    My understanding is that with EDR the EVDO can go full speed and the bottle neck of Bluetooth 1.x is eliminated.

    My setup is Internet Sharing (fully legit) on the 800w and Bluetooth PAN on the MacBook Air. The other Phone as Modem thread seems to be for getting it working. Getting it working was no problem, getting it to go at EVDO speeds is the problem.

    My brother's Q9 and Sony XP notebook setup works at full EVDO speed with Bluetooth, ActiveSync, and PDANet 2.0 so something is definitely wrong.

    800w spec is Bluetooth 2.0+EDR

    MacBook Air spec is Bluetooth 2.1+EDR

    Bluetooth 2.1 has nothing to do with transmission speed.

    Bluetooth 2.0 from Wikipedia states:
    This version, specified on November 10, 2004, is backward-compatible with 1.1. The main enhancement is the introduction of an Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) for both data (ACL) and voice (eSCO) packets. The nominal signaling rate of EDR is about 3 megabits per second, although the practical data transfer rate is 2.1 megabits per second.[9] This additional throughput is obtained by using a different modulation scheme for radio transmission of the data payload. Standard or Basic Rate transmission uses the Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying (GFSK) method, while EDR uses a combination of GFSK and Phase Shift Keying (PSK).[10]

    According to the 2.0 specification, EDR provides the following benefits:

    Three times faster transmission speed up to 10 times in certain cases (up to 2.1 Mbit/s).
    Lower power consumption through a reduced duty cycle.
    Simplification of multi-link scenarios due to more available bandwidth.

    So to all others that have it working, please post your setup (Mac or PC-who really cares?) and speed.

    TO ALL SUPERTECH's: What Gives? Is this an incorrect assumption, a configuration problem, or could it be something more evil like Sprint throttling legit PAM customers?
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    I don't have my Treo yet, but the first thing I would check is to try you brother's Q9 on your Air and your Treo on his Sony. The speeds will tell you if the issue lies with your laptop or with your phone, respectively.
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    Beileve this might me a MacBook Bluetooth problem but I still need help from you gurus. So...bump.
    "While it is true that technology waits for no man; stupidity will always stop to take on new passengers." -- Anonymous
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    sounds like a problem with the mac. I get over 1mbit if I connect over bluetooth on my thinkpad. still much slower then usb, though.
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    In order to pin the tail on the Bluetooth I would try a speed test with the 800w connected via USB. It makes sense that you would have a reduction in bandwidth via Bluetooth as you are involving another wireless stack in the data transmission. In other words the phone must receive data on the EVDO radio, pass the data up thru the EVDO stack, hand the data to the Bluetooth stack which then encapsulates and transmits the data on the Bluetooth radio. The lappy then receives the Bluetooth signals and passes the data up the Bluetooth stack and on to the applications. By incorporating another radio in the mix you are invariably adding lag. Some more research may be warranted to confirm the lappy and 800w are indeed connecting using the 2.0 Bluetooth standard.

    Would be interested to know the outcome.

    Good luck
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    What's your speed when tethered via the USB cable?
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    I have a macbook air and i have the same exact problem with the bluetooth and my 800w.

    Did you ever figure out what the problem was?

    I have bootcamp and its works fine on the Vista side but is SLOOOOWWWW on the mac side.

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