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    On my old windows mobile device, you could adjust the amount of memory dedicated to Programs and Storage. the 700w you cannot. Is there a way? I have a bunch of storage that I would like to throw towards programs to see if it would fix anything. I'm running Copilot Live 7 and it crashes alot. I'm positive it's just the crappy hardware I'm running but I'm hoping this might help a bit.

    Waiting on Verizon for the 800w and I'm getting desperate enough that I may just get the Moto Q
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    Your only option is to cook a ROM and move some programs into the ROM.

    You can look at the stickied thread. At least one person has reported excellent results using WM6 (based off the Verizon version). Another has a WX that seems to have the W's memory chip (I suspect it's really a W that was mistakenly put into the WX's housing, either that or the chip is bad....hmm, maybe the "64 megs" is really just two 32 megs and one chip isn't soldered on all the way? Anyway....) and he doesn't seem to have too much trouble.

    I think the final custom WM5 ROM will work the best for you, but you could give WM6 a shot as it might be more to your liking.

    I suggest reading the thread, and then going from there. At least read the first 3 posts.

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