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    Yup, this is the best phone I've ever had! The screen is spectacular, the wifi is so great (and very fast) (as I have virtually no cell signal at home), the evdo rev.a is fantastic when I don't have wifi and the GPS works brilliantly. I love this phone and am very pleased with my Sprint service. I have had virtually every Treo that Sprint has released, but switched to a Mogul to try something new and to get wifi & GPS. I hated not having the "Treoboard!"

    At this point, it's hard for me to imagine what new technology or service that may come down the road that would lead me to want to change away from the 800. I'm not saying I'll keep it forever and ever, but this truly serves all of my needs and desires for a phone at this point!

    Way to go Palm. Thank you to Sprint for carrying this great device!
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    So far pretty good. I miss the simplicity of my Centro BUT with the help of all the great folk here I am gettng used to WM and lovin it so far. I have to give so much props to everyone here who has been so helpfull to myself and any other WM noobies. Major Props!.
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    I must say that this is probably one of the best phones I've ever had. With the past 3 Sprint, 1 Verizon phones, I wasn't able to send or receive any calls from my house. It would be in roam, but with no bars. The Treo 800W is still roaming, but with 4-5 bars and I can now make calls clearly! I no longer have to use my wife's Cingular phone to make calls from the house. This was a pleasant surprise.
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    I agree. Really good phone. I am happy to be back with a Treo after going over to the Mogul for awhile also. I think they are on the right track & just need to work out the bugs.. make the battery last much longer & somehow make the screen larger (the one thing I did like about the Mogul but I did not like the key board)
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    This is my first smartphone. I've barely scratched the surface but I'm loving it so far.
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    Love it. My only complaint: It's too light! Can't wait to get an extended battery for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KevMeister View Post
    Love it. My only complaint: It's too light! Can't wait to get an extended battery for it.
    too light? curious--what were you using before?
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    I have to agree. Coming from the Mogul this is a great phone. Great work Palm.
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    Though I recently just purchased an Iphone 3g, I will always fondly remember the 2 years of loyal, competent service my trusty 700p gave me. So reliable, and so dependable...there are many things that I miss already.

    Anyhoo, I'm happy that the 800w is doing well and scoring positive reviews from users. I want Palm to do well. It's good business for EVERYBODY when there's healthy competition among the smartphones.

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    Phone is a solid 8.5 out of 10. It has met all my expectations. I am even finding the voice quality excellent now!

    Basically it just took the 700wx, kept all of it attributes, slimmed it down and added some great features. Thats all what we were hoping for right???

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    Might as well add me to the love it list. Had the 700wx for a little over a year and this is a tremendous improvement. I would classify myself as a casual business user of the phone - calls, email, text, nav and maps, the occasional internet, tv or game when I am stuck somewhere waiting. I have not had any of the issues reported here (yet, knock on wood), get great reception and although I do get to stick the thing on the car charger a few times a day, I doing real well with battery life (same charging routine with the 700wx and it was dead by 5, this one goes all night - I did install that tweak on this board, but don't enough to know if it stuck or I am just getting lucky with the battery). Thus far, no complaints and with the help of this site, I am hoping to do much more with this phone. I'm giving this thing a 9/10 so far.

    Also digging this site, great resource for those without all the knowledge about these devices. Thanks!
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    Add me to the list as well. I received mine in the mail today and it's been a great phone thus far. Extremely fast (I had 12 applications open and it was still playing SprintTV just fine! My Mogul would have been DEAD).

    Very impressed so far.

    My only negative would have to be the stylus. It feels so cheap and flimsy but that's not even a big deal.
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    This phone is near perfect. It has THE perfect form factor. Any thinner and it might infringe on the usability of the KB, since you need some travel distance to hold the device comfortably while typing. The only spec missing from the 800w is a rectangular screen.

    I'm ahead of schedule in dismissing my 700wx from caddy duties. I have almost all major apps (except the SmartGear and PocketGBA) working on the 800w, and am just waiting to hear back from some developers on some updated registration codes. The wx may stay home as soon as the middle of next week!
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    My Mogul may hit Ebay real soon. Its getting better for me. Just wish my version of SPB Mobile Shell would work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasracer View Post
    My only negative would have to be the stylus. It feels so cheap and flimsy but that's not even a big deal.
    I do have to say that with the retail price of this phone, a better stylus was expected. I thought the one in the store was a dummy stylus so people wouldn't steal it....that said, I've read on here that there was some reason it had to be a plastic p.o.s. and I find myself not using it as much as I did on the 700wx and sticking with one hand operation. Before I figured out to get a screen protector (at which point it was too late) with the 700, I killed that screen with that stylus between bubble breaker and the damn desert dust all over everything.

    Because of the new size and weight, I find it more comfortable to hold it now while using the buttons. Another reason to dig this phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paigoomein View Post
    too light? curious--what were you using before?
    Treo 650!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasracer View Post

    My only negative would have to be the stylus. It feels so cheap and flimsy but that's not even a big deal.
    I agree 100%. My only problem with the phone is the stylus. When I'm at my desk, I use my 700wx stylus.
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    I wouldn't say I Love the Phone, but I really, really like it. A sizable portion of my like is a rekindled one, though, b/c I suffered through the Mogul. So by comparison, it makes the new Treo 800w that much better. The Mogul: What an utter disaster of a phone. The speed of that device was unacceptable, and given what people file class action suits over these days, I'm surprised no one has, haha. The Treo is light years faster despite using a slower processor. The form factor is great. Was I the only one who never could get used to typing on the Mogul?
    The Treo keeps getting better with each revision, and I'm perfectly happy with this version. Until the 850 comes out on GSM, that is, hehe :>
    Why do people keep talking about the stylus? I never use it! And I mean, never.
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    the more I play around with the phone (first time WM user), the more I fall in love with it. The GPS, IM, built in 411/LiveSearch, wifi, ect. is just amazing. I keep telling myself that it's ridiculous that this phone has all this stuff built in!
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