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    I'm not seeing any option to flag emails in Outlook under WM6. Also, I don't have the Out of Office option. Do I need to change some registry settings in order to enable these options?
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    I can do both those on my device, but my company is running Exchange 2007, which I'm pretty sure is needed for those items to work. Are you using your device with company email, and if so, can you check with your IT folks to see if you're on Exchange 2007? (I bet they're not yet on '07).
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    I think that we need to go to start... What outlok software is installed? I think that it might be due to the incompatibility
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    I ran across this issue the other day. There is a little hidden gem in Exchange 2003 called Outlook Mobile Access, NOT Outlook Web Access as most people are familiar with. I can only speak from my experience on this, but here it goes.

    My company's link to Outlook WEB access is like most others in the address bar, if they haven't setup an auto-redirect link.

    On my WM6 or WM5 handheld, If I change the word exchange to "oma" (without quotes), it takes me to Outlook Mobile Access, where from there I have the extra capabilities of flagging messages or setting Out of Office Notifications.

    Again, this is on the handheld device using the built in IE. The interface is VERY simplistic, nothing fancy, not even different colored text, but it at least allows me to set my out of office notification on the road, if I forget to do it in the office and set flags for email, if I am not in the office.

    I know this isn't the answer for everyone, but for those who want to have the 2 little extra features without going through the expense and possible headache of having to upgrade to Exchange 2007, especially if you are running SBS 2003, this might help pacify some. This leads me to believe that Microsoft very well could have included an update to WM5 or WM6 to just include this in the Outlook interface, rather than saying that, if you want those extra features you have to upgrade to Exchange 2007.

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