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    Excuse my naiveness...

    When making a contact I'm prompted to make it either MS Live or Outlook. Not sure which to do.

    I don't have outlook. I have the free 60 day trial that came on the Sprint cd with the phone but don't really want to pay more money.

    What is the difference between live and outlook. Can you sync via active sync to live? Does live have calendar type functions like outlook? Thanks for the help!
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    I hope others respond to this, because I have the exact same question. Rare that THAT happens! :-P
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    Live is "cloud" computing. When you add a contact as Live, it will sync (over-the-air) up to the Live servers. As of now, there is no calendar syncing for Live. I use a free Exchange account at Mail2Web for syncing my calendar. My email is also Live so it is Push email.

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