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    Besides purchasing the standard car and home charger that costs you around $70-$85 after purchasing both...are there any brands or adapters that work
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    There is already a discussion on this here.

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    If you need a BT headset, the Jabra BT8040 is a great one that charges with microusb. Thus it comes with a wall charger, a very small (like 2 inches) micro USB cable, and the headset.

    If you're in the market for a BT headset, this is a nice way to get that and pick up some extra charging cables.
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    vpr611 and Cel thanks for the info.
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    Yes, I agree. Don't buy any as of yet. Just look into what accessories you want to use with the 800w. Fortunately for me, I have several Jabra Headsets, Motorla S9, & my mom's Motorola Razr, which all use MicroUSB. So now I have tons all over
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    yeah, I also just purchased the Jabra BT8040. works ok as a headset. it comes with a microusb cable as well as a microusb wall charger, so that "saved" me some money.

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