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    You can charge your phone and listen to music at the same time.
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    This STILL requires you to use a micro-USB headset
    ---Abort, Retry, Fail???

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    yeah and it says "In stock" When I ordered I got this:
    Thank you for shopping at, your business is important
    to us. We received your order XXXXXX-000, which included advanced sale
    items that are unavailable for immediate shipment. Once the product
    is available for processing, you will receive a new order
    confirmation email. The following item(s) will be shipped when it is
    in stock.
    So much for "In stock"
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    yah I got the same I have looked for a solution to this for the past few days... not found ANYTHING that would work... many of the adapter and such are power only too (e.g. the motorola one that people have talked about here)
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    I finally broke down and bought a stereo bluetooth headset so I can just leave the charger plugged in

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