I think this thread might be a great help, not only to me, but to others trying to get the most out of their Treo.

I currently have a Treo 700p, but I never really took the time to learn how to do anything other than phone and email using chattermail. So I am definitely a newbie to windows mobile and even though I had a treo, I never really learned how to use it. I'm an older guy, but I can learn to use technology if it's not too confusing. My best friend has a blackberry with Verizon (I have Sprint) and tells me to just get that because it has everything I'd ever want (mail and phone LOL) and is easy to use. I'd like to show him a thing or two with an optimized for business and pleasure 800w!

So, to make a long story short, I am offered a Treo 800w for $150 from retentions after some major screw ups with my sprint account (thier fault, not mine). I figured it would be a good time to come into the 21st century but I don't want to buy the phone and just use it like a phone as I did with my 700p. I've been reading and reading the past day and there is a LOT of info and a pretty good size learning curve (which is a bit intimidating for me). I was thinking it would help us dinosaurs as well as other new treo owners to get some opinions and discussion on basic/favorite apps to add on and tips on how to keep your phone running smoothly (like do I run the app on a card or in the RAM, do I need to periodically close programs, update the operating system etc. By the way, I have no idea how to do any of the things mentioned in the last sentence other than download an app. LOL.

If a lot of this info (or all of it) can be found elsewhere then a link would be nice. I'm sure others in my situation will read this thread. As the 800w is a new phone, it would probably not be a waste of time to address issues that might be specific to that model here.

Finally, let me say that I am looking forward to messaging (I can start with my daughter who is so busy nowadays I hardly ever see her LOL), GPS!!! (no more getting lost), an easy way to search for phone numbers without getting nailed by sprint for 411 calls (what is live search anyway?), internet (I rarely ever surf on the 700p because it takes too long and the screen only shows a little bit of a page - I use blazer which came with the phone, maybe WM6.1 will be nicer), voice dial - (maybe it will keep me from killing myself while driving while dialing), tethering a laptop - (never done it but it sounds like a cool idea, as long as a page loads in under 10 seconds), MP3's I like classic rock and oldies (from the 50's and 60's) - I'll try it if there a cheap way to get the music other than a buck a song which is way to much for me, cool business apps - (I have a hard time remembering appointments and keeping contacts organized... hopefully that will be a thing of the past), Picture mail - I don't even know what that is but I assume the name says it all LOL. Does the person you send a picture too have to have Picture mail also?

Thanks in advance for helping me out. I think I will order my phone tonight or tomorrow then Ebay the 700p. It's in good shape, do you think I can get $100 for it and a charger?)