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    I loaded the Verizon Treo 700w Updater 1.22 via Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 on USB. The update processed halfway and the software gave me an error message. I followed the instructions as provided, but my phone now only boots to the initial white Treo screen. I tried to hard reset the device, but nothing works. All I get is the white Treo logo screen.

    Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 does not see the device anymore. I'm in desperate need of a fix. It will probably need a rom reload. I have an SD card. If there is any kind of way to reload the orginal rom using a boot loader on the SD card....or some other method, please let me know.

    I appreciate any help that you can provide me to keep my phone from becoming an expensive paper weight.

    here is all my treo shows now:
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    That's the bootloader screen. You shouldn't be getting it unless you hold in the side button (below the volume).

    Try this:

    1) Go to and follow the instructions. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE FIRST THREE POSTS. Make sure you delete the Firmware.bin (as per the first three posts).

    2) Flash your phone to any WM5 ROM (I recommend nabbing one of my custom ones, you might like that better anyway ).

    3) Re-run the 1.22 update if you *REALLY* want 1.22 on your phone. Otherwise explore other options of flashing with custom WM5 and WM6 ROM's.

    Note: don't use a cheap SD card to update. Make sure you have a quality card.
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    my phone is stuck at this screen. wont turn off. when i take the battery and put it back in it lights up with that screen. So that is the bootloader screen?
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    oh and i will not try and update my phone to the 1.22

    i be scared.
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    I had the same issue and nothing i did would fix it. What ended up working was I did the live chat with Palm, and after a good 30 minutes or so, they agreed to send me a new phone since their updater bricked mine. Defiantly worth a shot.
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    The same thing happened to me today on one of the phones that I support. I have about 135 700wx's that I need to apply the 1.22 "underscore" patch to for my company. I sure hope that this does not continue to happen. The only saving grace for me is that I have enterprise level support from VZW so I called and they have shipped me out a new device that i will have on Monday.

    Can I ask, did you install the 1.22 updater due to the recent cloning issues that Verizon has been having?
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    As far as I've heard, there are no "cloning issues" that Verizon is having.

    Bad flashes happen. I have not had a flash I have not been able to recover from. (Yet....)

    I am only aware of one flash that literally bricked the phone, and that was a case of where the SD card went bad during the flash, and it killed the boot loader completely. The same thing could happen if the USB was pulled at the wrong moment.

    I've trashed more bits of my phone that I care to think about, but have always been able to recover. You usually have to work at it to really brick them beyond recovery.
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    Updated mine the other night. Everything went fine, only took about 25 minutes. Didnt notice any difference, just says _1.22 on the phone firmware version.
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