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    When I first fired it up, it said upgrade available. So now I have 2. Anyone notice a difference? I was a couple of versions back on the 700wx.
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    The new one should have replaced the old one. You probably have a "dead end" shortcut to delete, or simply two shortcuts in your programs menu.

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    you can go into file explorer and delte the old one. Can't remember it it was LiveSearch or Live Search that was older.
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    Simply use a file explorer and go to Windows/startmenu/ programs and delete the extra LiveSearch Icon.
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    Both programs actually live on the device, not just an icon.

    The new version has the weather, web, etc options.
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    I have two icons...each starts a different version of Live Search. Is it possible for the downloaded update to alter what's in the rom.

    It sounds like ur saying just delete the shortcut to the one that came w/ the 800?
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    Negative. Rom is rom.
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    same thing for me. two icons. one launches the 2007 version, one launches the 2008 version. went to file explorer and deleted the older file from the start menu-->programs folder. I am guessing that doesn't quite remove the actual program--didn't see any option to uninstall or remove it. if anyone knows, please share!

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