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    No, Sprint limits it at 160. Verizon is a different story.
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    pardon my denseness, but i don't really get this whole thing. now, if i try to go beyond 160 characters, it won't let me. it just stops and i have to send. then i can send another message if i want.

    are you telling me if i edit the registry setting that i can type like a 1000 character message without it stopping, so it will look like a short letter and then when i hit send, the network will split it into 160character pieces and the receiver will get however many messages that ends up being, but all at once and all in the correct order?

    please clarify.
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    In a nut shell that is correct. Bunches of characters over 160 in one message you type and it goes out as 2/3/ or whatever messages to the people getting it.
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    There's no absolute guarantee that they'll receive the messages in order, but usually, that's how it works.
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    I have never received one out of order though.
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    Yeah, it doesn't happen very often, but there's always a chance that it might. I've had it happen a couple of times before.
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    This is really interesting, as my Q9c which runs WMS6.1 came out of the box able to go beyond 160 characters.

    Nice to know that there is a hack available for the Treo!
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    True... my Q9c w/WM 6.1 does this, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by samadam View Post
    It's right there, third post has the answer.
    right where? I mean i think we all can read but all those posts and the links shows is what to change, but IF THOSE FOLDERS DONT COME UP as he stated HOW CAN WE CHANGE?
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