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    Here's the scoop from the centro:
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    Update: So got another broken Centro in today a was just curious to see iff the customer had gotten the device wet. It was swapped by managment with no questions asked wit a brand new one. Customer stated it was put on charger when they went to sleep and woke up to a no responsive phone.
    I had more time to spend taking this one apart and low a behold the screen protector is removeable. I had tried on the previous units to no avail, but I had not applied much pressure to the LCD. Since this device was DOA, I had less reservations about forcing it off. Its about as thick as a sheet of overhead projector film once removed

    There is a front and side view.

    One issue, air bubbles; once removed it creates a chance for air bubbles and dust to trap underneath of it. Im not sure how they will handle this if it does become a servicable part when and if the lcd is ever replaced. They may come preattached or come on a sheet precut for removal.

    I was able to get the bubbles out of this one using heat gun and a business card. Once I know if this will ever be a replaceable option for people I will update again.

    Guess I'll stick something on there...
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    interesting...thanks for sharing. the treo 800w screen DOES feel a little soft with some give...
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    Well, if it's not a removeable/replaceable part a "built-in" screen protector is a bit useless then, as I'm sure it's scratchable.

    My 800 isn't in hand yet, but I carry my 700P in my pocket with keys and such and the protector I have on now gets replaced once a year due to scratches...

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    Im on vacation right now but when i get back to work, I will open one up and see what the real deal, no clause in the manual like on the centro. If there is on on there I'll find it. The screen has the same feel to it but I wont know until I crack one open and look.

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    I'm still planning to add a screen protector regardless of whether there is already one preinstalled or not.

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