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    I am a little shocked that this works. I have Napster-to-Go with a Zen, so I really have no need to download gigs of songs onto my Treo. However, I transfered a few songs that I thought would make cool ringtones to my Treo 800w. I went into Settings - Sounds and Notifications - Manage. Then I went to the menu and selected Add. I navigated to the Napster songs and selected one. It added it as a ringtone. Maybe I'm making too big a deal of it, but I like that I can use DRM licensed songs as ringtones. My $15/month Napster fee just got a lot more worth the money. I now use it to stream unlimited music at work, transfer gigs of songs to my Zen and also get "free" ringtones on my Treo.

    The downside is that the ringtones always start at the very beginning of the song and take a second to load. But that's not a big a deal to me. It's actually fun finding songs with great intros that make good ringtones rather than always finding a song with a catchy chorus.
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    All without paying $1 extra for a 40 sec clip, like our fruity friends do.


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