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    I've been recently having problems with my Treo freezing on the power off screen when I lose reception so this morning I decided to call Sprint and see if they had a resolution for the problem. It turned out that they couldn't fix the problem, which was obvious, and made an order to send me out a replacement. Being that there are no more Treo 700wx on the site, do you think they'll send me a 800wx? Has anyone filled an insurance claim lately and recieve the 800wx in exchange?
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    I am about 99% sure you will get a 700wx. It takes a long time before they start sending out newer models as replacements.
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    yeah, I concur. you will most likely get the 700wx as a replacement.
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    Wow! Thats suck. Guess I got my hope up for nothing. I just stumbled on a thread from a kid with a Q that call in for a replacement and got the 800wx in return. Guess I might not have the same luck. Well as long as the phone works I'm fine.
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    I'm 100% sure that you're not getting a 800WX in return.
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    I think the Q has been removed from the Sprint website for a long time now, which is probably why the kid was able to get the 800W as a replacement. If the kid had called in earlier, he might have been offered the Q9m, which was also removed from Sprint only a few weeks prior.

    If you end up getting the 800W as a replacement, sweet. Just didn't want to get your hopes up for nothing.

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