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    Just wondering how well it works and if it's worth getting.

    is there one even out for win 6.1 haha
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    I use similar software called wktask on the 700wx and I'd also like to know if anyone has it working.
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    Magic button wasn't really happy about the new resolution. WKtask works awesome...I'm using it now.
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    I haven't had to use anything with the 800w. I was pleasantly surprised that if you hold the OK button down, it takes you to the task manager where you can close any or all of the open tasks.
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    yeah but its kind of annoying cuz i sometimes forget to go to the task manager

    ill give WKtask a try
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    I use handyswitcher from Dinarsoft. It's great for one handed use. I just remmap option+ok button to handyswitcher.

    Give it a try, tell me what you think.

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