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    Quick question from another frustrated VZW customer awaiting the 800w.... I have absolutely NO coverage with any network other than VZW. The building I work in just blocks everything other than VZW, and even then I only get 1 bar indoors, and often have non-EVDO data speeds. Anyway, how much does the "unlimited roaming" cost on sprint? I'm seriously tempted to jump ship to sprint, but only if I know I can roam for free on VZW (which I will be doing most of the time).
    No unlimited roaming.

    If you have an existing (valid) phone, there are methods of doing an ESN swap.....
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    although we all know how verizon reps information is hit or miss (mostly miss), I was just on a call with the VZW Data guys getting an issue with my 700wx fixed (actually replaced) and asked about the 800w, the rep said he checked his internal system (and I kinda believe he did actually check something because he was complaining he was waiting for his Intranet screen to reload while checking and then thought his internet connection dropped off, just meaning he was looking at something).. and he said he shows 2 dates august 27th and Sept 3rd (or 13th, i forget what he said)... anyway.. rumors as usual.. so who knows...
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    Verizon likes to release devices to their business customers first and then 1-2 weeks later, its available to their regular customers so it makes sense that he would be showing two dates.
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    Sept 13th would also coincide with a (roughly) 60 day exclusive.

    Certainly not definative, but it would make sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebag333 View Post

    Last time I checked, you had to use less than half of your used anytime minutes on roaming.

    So, for example, if you used 199 in roaming and 200 on Sprint's network, you're fine. If you used 199 in roaming and 100 on Sprint's network, you got charged for the 99 minutes.

    I do not know Verizon's rates/plans.
    Actually if you have roaming on your account, you wont' be charged for it. What the whole thing is regarding "half the minutes" is that if over half your minutes used to talk are roaming for a few months in a row, sprint will cancel your account (as sprint must not be suitable to your needs, ie roaming to much). They won't charge you for the roaming. I'm not exactly sure on if it's 2 months or 3 but i know thats how they have it setup though.
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