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    Has anybody tried to install and run iGuidance navigation on their 800w?
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    Doesn't work right.. has display issues.
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    That sucks. I like iGuidance because it announces the upcoming street names. Thanks for the info.
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    Yah it is my favorite GPS program. TomTom6/7 takes me in circles around my area. Garmin XT is pretty good, but a bit slow. I blow by streets that I have to turn in to..
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    I had the same issue with Garmin on my Treo 700wx. Are you experiencing the same thing with Garmin on the 800w? I heard it was spot on.
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    Yah it's to spot on. Freeways are okay, but streets... hmm it is so spot on that, it will tell you to turn left 10 feet from the intersection. I need more time that that LOL. Keep in mind I do not look at the display that much. I really rely on the voice with a sneak peak on the screen.

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