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    I sat on the phone with Tech Support today for 2 hours. All for not. I cannot send emails from my 800w. I use Cox Communications. All my settings are correct. Sprint had me change my SMTP to their SprintPCS, and it still does not work. It's frustrating, and it has even had me thinking about switching to a BB. Anyone have any other suggestions on what to do? I can receive with no problem. Thanks in advance.
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    Was it recently . In NY -NJ area my email and internet was down for the last 2 hours. I could get Email on my regular incoming server but could not send mail on sprints server or get email. Came back just recently.

    Otherwise I has this probelm and this is what was done.
    Called sprint, they changed my Password. ( always have them change it, doesnt always work using the website) . then test it out. Create an accout using SPrint servers as incoming and outgoing , On the 800W let it configure it itself .all you should have to do put in the user name and Password. now see if you can send and recieve email. if that works then its not sprints servers and you have the correct passwords and such THEN and this is a big THEN , DELETE the old email setup and re-do it all over .

    Now far as I know on the COX COmmunications you can NOT use there server for outgoing mail so you have to use sprints. Same with me on Optonline. Try the test then try what I said , it worked for me . Hopefully it worlks for you.
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    Thanks Vacc. Got it working with your input.
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    Try this one also. I have optonline for email. I had to delete the account and then i manually put the info in(didn't let the 800w automatically configure). For your out going server try (or whatever the domain is). I spent 2 day trying to get this to work and just remembered i had to do on my other treo as well. just could how to change ports :587 might do it.

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