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    For some reason, all of a sudden I can't get to I don't recall changing any settings on my AT&T 750 but now when I have the proxy enabled and select "Home" from the menu, it says "Connecting", "Locating", "Opening", then just shows a blank white screen. It does this for all websites when I have the proxy enabled. I can sill get to sites with the proxy disabled. I don't use the wap site much, but sometimes it's nice to be able to quickly open it to check the local news and weather I have set up.

    I tried a hard reset but that din't fix it. The fact that it runs through the sequence of opening a website but doesn't show it makes me think it has something to do with AT&T changing my ability to access things via wap?

    Any thoughts on this?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I never use the att proxy, but just did and it works fine...
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    Just checked mine, works fine here to. maybe it is a problem with their website in your area?
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    Mine's been acting crazy like that too. I don't sweat it as I usually navigate somewhere else pretty quickly anyway.

    You can always set up Google mobile as your home page. They also allow for customizing for local weather, news, movies, etc...
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    Wel I called AT&T Support for help on this issue. That's 40 wasted minutes of my life that I'll never get back.

    I told the guy what I wrote above (I can get to sites with the proxy disabled but only get a white screen with it enabled. He walked me through setting up a new connection in Start/Settings/Connections Tab/Connections/Add a new modem connection. It didn't work.

    Then he mumbled something and the went off the line. Next thing I know, I hear the recorded message for Palm Support and I'm on hold with; the AT&T guy had transferred me! Then it gets really good.

    This young woman answers and I explain everything again to her, and she says "one moment please", but doesn't put me on hold, it's just dead air. So I wait a couple of minutes and then say "Are you still there?". She says, "yes sir, one moment please". So I sit for another couple of minutes, wondering what she's doing (probably reading about how to support Palm 750's), then another couple of minutes of dead air (she still hasn't asked me any questions or given me any guidance) and then "click", she hung up on me!

    How's that for great customer support!!

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