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    Well, my next email setup challenge was to setup an IMAP account in Outlook Mobile with the 800w. I have an IMAP account that I interface with Outlook 2007 on Vista that works just fine.

    My issue is, on Outlook 2007 with Vista, when I delete an IMAP email, it puts a strikeout across the message and leaves it in the inbox (showing it has been read and deleted). When I use the 800w to access the email, everything downloads fine but when I delete, it won't put a strikeout on deleted email after syncing. Instead, it removes it entirely or moves it to a deleted folder.

    Now moving it to a 'deleted items' folder is fine, but unfortunately Outlook 2007 on the PC doesn't seem to have this capability!!! I'd like a common action to be performed across the two clients accessing this email!

    I'm starting to think this whole Outlook Mobile email thing is a complete mess. Why wouldn't it just act like Outlook 2007? Am I missing something here?
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    When using Outlook 2007 with an IMAP account, as you stated, deleting an email crosses it out in your inbox. However, the email is still there in the server inbox and won't be moved or actually deleted until you tell Outlook to "purge" (from the "edit" drop-down menu), at which point the email will then be removed/deleted entirely from the server inbox. If you want it moved to your deleted items folder (or any folder for that matter), you can simply drag the email to that folder and again, you will see the email get crossed out. But again, the email actually won't be moved to the different folder on the server until you give Outlook the "purge" command. That is how you move emails to your deleted items folder in Outlook 2007 using an IMAP account.
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