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    Looks like Seidio is on the ball for us
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    tks, just ordered some
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    contacted ZAGG, they gave me the following offer. I unfortunately cannot send in my device since this is my only phone. if anyone else is interested, see information below. contact them to make sure the same offer applies.


    Thank you for contacting ZAGG, home of the invisibleSHIELD! My name is Mike and I appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

    Thank you for your recent email regarding an invisibleSHIELD for the Palm Treo 800W. We currently do not have an invisibleSHIELD created for this device but have been looking for an opportunity to do so as we consider this a ‘hot gadget!’

    We are willing to create an invisibleSHIELD for your Palm Treo 800W absolutely free of charge. We are willing to waive the customer order fee ($9.95), the installation fee ($10.00) and the cost for the invisibleSHIELD itself – a value of $24.95! All we ask is for you to mail in your device to our office so we can take proper measurements and ensure that the invisibleSHIELD we create meets our high design standards. Mailing in your device will be your only cost for this order.

    We do require that you send in your device using a trackable method and we suggest UPS Ground as the cheapest option. We also require that your shipment is fully insured.

    Our shipping address is:

    ZAGG Inc.
    3855 S. 500 W. Suite B
    Salt Lake City, UT 84115

    Please be sure to include your name, mailing address, contact phone number and valid email address so we can communicate with you during this process and create an order for you in our system. We also ask that you please have your device to us by 7/31/2008 which is 2 weeks from today, in order to take advantage of this special opportunity.

    When your invisibleSHIELD is complete we will ship your device back via UPS Ground, trackable and insured, free of charge to you.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

    Thank you for choosing the invisibleSHIELD. We appreciate your business!

    All the best,

    MIKE O.

    Customer Service Representative

    ZAGG Inc.
    3855 S 500 W STE B, SLC, UT 84115
    888.940.9663 (Toll-free)
    801.263.0699 (o)
    801.281.3458 (f)

    Nasdaq BB Symbol: ZAGG
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    Ummm...yeah, ship out a brand new $600 device to save $25? No thanks...

    You'd think they'd just go to a local Sprint Store and measure a unit or buy one and return under the 30 day policy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dslunceford View Post
    Ummm...yeah, ship out a brand new $600 device to save $25? No thanks...

    You'd think they'd just go to a local Sprint Store and measure a unit or buy one and return under the 30 day policy...
    yeah, I would have thought to do the same if I was in their shoes.
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    I just got an email from ZAGG offering me the same thing. All I can say is HELL NAWWW. I am not parting with my precious.

    I replied suggesting that they run down to their local Sprint store. GOSH
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    I think they are trying to measure more than just the screen since they usually also offer a full-body protector. but still, they should get a phone themselves!
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    Feel the same way. I really want my ZAGG screen (have one for EVERY electronic device I own).

    I ordered the Seido protector, and I'm not happy with it. Just a personal preference, but I don't like the "hard" protectors. it seems too thick, and now I have to really PUSH on the screen to get responses with my wet noodle stylus. not a good combination.


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    Is the screen protector same as the Treo 750 or the 755 size?
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    How many come in the pack, 1?

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