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    Quote Originally Posted by rezdog View Post
    Where did you get Remote Desktop for the Treo800w?
    XDA Developers of course
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    Also I love the wifi on my Mogul because I use WMWIFIROUTER often.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xchpstang View Post
    Some have mentioned new download limits for Sprint but these only apply to data cards and phone as a modem plans. Data usage on the phone does not have a cap. As far as the original question, I never use it. I have EVDO Rev A everywhere I go and even in the boonies. In the city there are some hotspots but none are free. Out in the boonies there are no hotspots obviously.
    1) Well Sprint didn't have caps on data cards and PAM until a few weeks ago. They just popped them on. No reason to think they won't do the same for smart phones at some point.

    2) If you used wifi you would know that
    a) there are lists of free hotspot places for cities
    b) It is precisely in cities you are liable to end up with no mobile data service in hotels since conferences tend to be in floors below the surface. Organizeers usually just post the wifi info and it is free.
    c) in the boonies there is often no evdo but there are hotspots.

    d) if you had a phone with wifi you would realize that in urban areas it is very hard no NOT be in a place where you are picking up someones unsecrued wifi.
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    I don't get a Sprint signal at home and I wake up a lot in the middle of the night. Best way to go back to sleep is to read some boring website about worming goats. I have 39 goats. Better than counting sheep!
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