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    I use the shortcut Option + Start, as well as actually going to the Camera under programs, and instead of the camera, I get the Pictures and Videos section that has the thumbnails. Something happened, but I can no longer access the actual camera/video functions. What do I need to reset? I've done a soft reset with no improvement. Thanks!
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    Bump; could really use the help.
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    same thing here - hope someone (who knows) replies
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    Mine did this a little bit ago. I just left the phone for a little bit and tried it again later on. It has worked fine since, def. seems to be a bug. Sounds like a hard reset is in your future.
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    I didn't know I made duplicate feeds; sorry. I resolved this by returning it for a new one, and haven't had the problem since.
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    i returned and got new as well. no probs so far

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