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    I have read some post and I know you guys are gunna hate me for asking but I just got my treo 800w. I dont know anything about WM cause i came from a 700p and I never put 3rd party apps on that.
    What do i have to do (step by step) to watch youtube on the device? Also someone sent me a ringtone and when I download it it says i must run application first. I know im stupid but this is all new to me... Please help and go easy on me... Thanks
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    EDIT: Go to to download. TCPMP recompiled version necessary to avoid application crash.

    Check these out for more details:

    1. Install the PPC version of TCPMP from the first link
    2. Install the FlashVideoBundle 1.4.4 from the second link

    On WM, there are basically two ways to install an app. Install on your PC and use Microsoft Activesync or install a .CAB directly on your WM device. In the above case, both files are provided as .CABs. Copy to your card and use File Explorer to open them up and install. Typically if an installer is .CAB it can be installed directly on Phone if it is a .EXE it is intended for PC installation. I'll usually install a .EXE once on my laptop and grab the .CAB out of Program Files so I can keep it on my card for future installs.
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    Thank you very very much. I dont have a card for it yet cause of course my 700p card wont fit. I will pick up a card today and try it. Also i can recieve pictures other phones send but i cant send them. I have heard of a protocal or something to where you enter the phone # and then and i tried that but my friend said she didnt get it. Any ideas on that one?

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