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    Quote Originally Posted by boone_jim View Post
    Can I install the Treo Alert CAB and have it install with Palm OS? Thank you.
    ONLY for windows mobile...
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    The only thing I want to do is make the LED blink every 10 or 15 seconds when I have a missed call, new email, sms, or reminder. I don't need to mod my vibration settings or anything else.

    I have played with this app and obviously haven't selected the right things. I get an LED indicator that blinks only as frequent as one minute and the vibrating continues far longer than an alert should.

    Searched the forums but couldn't find step by steps.

    If someone can walk this n00b through it it'd be much appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hannip View Post
    Interesting. That should be found by my device check. Take a look at the registry value for HKLM|Software\Mort's MortScript|Device. Does it have "Sprint Treo 800w" or "Unknown"?

    If it has "Sprint Treo 800w" then your device works differently than the rest. If it's "Unknown" then I have a bug in my device check script which I need to fix and you can just edit that value in the meantime.
    I made this edit and it fixed the whole thing.

    This thing absolutely rocks.

    Major kudos to a very sweet app.
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    I'm getting a "install unsuccessful" when trying to run the cab from a storage card. Am I missing something?

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    After installing 8.2 beta 15 I noticed the alert header text color is white. Is there a way to switch to a dark color (black)?
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    I used to have the 800W and installed Treo Alerts 8.2 on it and everything worked perfectly. I switched to a different phone for a year and now I have my 800w again and tried installed TA but my LED alert isn't working, instead everytime I get a text, it just vibrates.

    Help anyone?
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