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    Hi...i bought my treo800w yesterday...
    Today i was really suprised... because i just check my RTN(##786#)
    My Life Calls:001100 Calls.
    I think i just made like 10 or 20 calls.
    but RTN shows 1100calls.
    after that i check again 1105... so funny...
    I'm not even talk with anybody but it shows more 5calls...
    Is it software problem or network problem????
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    funny. mine shows 131 calls and 34 mins.
    i was thinking it could be counting calls from my imported history. that seems inconsistent also.
    must be some bug.
    anyone else can confirm?
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    I had thought any ## # command took data directly from Sprint's servers.
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    I think the Treos have a history of having false RTN reports.
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