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    Whats are some aspects of your Sprint plans that enable you to get the most out of your 800w or other PDA phones?

    I'm new to PDA's and i'm not sure what aspects I should have included in my plan to enable me full usage of the 800w. I'm actually with Sprint and the contract expired in March. I'm actually planning on contacting retention to see if I can get a better deal on a new plan and the 800w. I would like to know what add-on's to the plan you guys think I should ask for before I sign a new 2 year deal?

    Right now I have the Sprint Family pack 700.
    - Unlimited Texting
    - Unlimited PCS Vision

    Is there anything else that you guys think I would need ot get the most out of my 800w? (IE. Data plans, Sprint TV, navigation)
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    In addition, Data plan for sure, but it depends on your purposes.

    Sprint Nav is not necessary, since you can use Live Search or Google Maps for free. Or get TomTom or Garmin.

    SprintTV is not necessary as well. Allot of people, including myself, use Slingbox, which is a device that is connected to your TV and router. It allows you to watch the same channels at home, on your device.
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    Thanks for the response.

    But would the unlimited PCS vision cover web browsing, downloading, things of that nature?

    would I need any other separate data plan?
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    You're right. The data plan is basically for use of broadband cards.

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