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    I contact iGuidance via support E_mail and received the following:

    Hi Stephen:
    iGuidance supports 240x320, 320x240, and 240x240. However, at this time, we aren't certain if 240x240 version will also work on 320x320 or not. On the other hand, we also will not be able to release a brand new version just for one product line unless this same screen resolution is going to be widely adopted by other PPC manuf as well.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.
    Support Team

    I also did the live chat with SlingPlayer and they informed me the 800W is not supported.

    I really want this phone but I think I'll wait until these two programs can operate. I use both of them quite often on my Touch
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    Say what?

    Thats crazy.

    How about TomTom6? Will it work?

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