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    On my wife's old Treo, the indicator light would light up if there was a new email or SMS. When she picked up her Centro last year, the indicator light was switched to where it only lit up for charging status.

    It is looking like this is the same case with the 800W. Has anyone found a way to have the indicator light come on for a new email or SMS?
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    The centro and the 800w can do it, they just need a program that can tell it to do so. Look around and you'll find them pretty easily.
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    does anyone have a link to one of the programs?
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    TreoAlert will be able to do it. I just need to tweak it first for the 800w. Now that I have one it shouldn't be long.
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    although it isn't exactly what you are looking for, when the screensaver is on, it does show messages waiting.

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