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    hi all,

    I currently have a 755p with SERO plan, under two year contract until 8/09.

    I want the 800w but do not want to pay more than $350 if possible. I am willing to extend my contract.

    I tried emailing ecare, but they were firm on the price: $599 now, $599 - $75 if I waited until 8/08. if I wanted the new contract price, I would have to wait until 6/09.

    I even tried mentioning the iphone but no luck.

    I know that few of you under contract have been able to get this phone for new contract pricing. what is the trick? I may try a few of the sprint stores in the atlanta area later. is this all luck?

    is there a sprint tele sales representative who is more generous? what about a sprint store manager in the atlanta area?

    any help would be appreciated. thanks!
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    Call telesales. My contract is up right around the same time as you (9/09) and they gave me the phone for $349.99 minus a $100.00 MIR minus a $50 credit on my bill for a total of $199.99.
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    If you are already in a contract then the price is dependent on how long you have had your current device. 22 months = $150 instant upgrade credit usually along with a 2 year contract extention. Which brings the phone down to the 349.99 price.
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    Um, well. I'm an existing SERO customer and my plan expires almost exactly the same time as yours. I logged into my account, clicked "UPGRADE PHONE" and picked the 800w. The price was $350 before the mail-in rebate, so $250 after it. I'm not sure what's terribly difficult about that. Have you tried this?

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