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    They've also updated their front page with a very slick advert for the 800w.

    Check it out:
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    Okay, here's a question. I'm switching from Treo 650p to 800w. I just got it today. Should I give the 800w a new HotSynch name for the new device? I'd like to transfer the old Synch Name to my new device for PIM compatibility and Styletap Palm OS software carry-over features.
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    hmm.. Anyone correct me if i am wrong.. I have not used a palm device since Pilot 5000 (USR Robotics).

    Your 800w does not use HotSync. You will be syncing your data via Activesync. In order to move your PIM data over you have to sycn your 800w active sync. Everything should transfer from Outlook...contacts, emails, and tasks.

    As for you palm software porting over to the your 800w, well it's not going to happen.
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    Agreed. Even the PIM transfer is a mess. I'm starting from scratch and beaming all of of my T650 PIM info to 800w.

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