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    picked up my 800w today and I'm totally in love with it (except for the cheap, stupid stylus). But I notice, as I'm changing themes, that i have a stuck pixel in the middle of the screen! i'm running one of those pixel fixer videos, but it's been on for a while and no changes. is there any secret to fixing these or should I just take it back and get it replaced?
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    take it back and get it replaced. even if you do manage to get the pixel unstuck, no guarantee it won't get stuck again.
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    Pull out your stylus and rub it back and forth like you would do to a women. Make sure you put some presure on it.

    No joke, it is one way to unstick a pixel. I've done this on laptops, but never did it on a PPC.
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    urgh... tried rubbing it with the stylus and with my finger (on top of a screen cleaning tissue), tried the video, and no dice. this thing's going back. i just hope they still have some in stock.
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    i have the exact same problem..

    it started out with one white pixel at the bottom of the screen.. now there are about 4 or 5 other red pixels stuck on the screen.. you really notice it against a black screen such as window media player or when you turn the phone off/on..

    does anyone else have this problem at all?

    im definetely exchanging this one..
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    I have two.. a red and blue on the left-middle side.. it doesn't bother me.. My 800W is not a movie player or something I use to edit photo with..
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    I have 1 pixel stuck red.
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    1 green one on 755p. I've got the phone set EXACTLY like I want with the TouchLauncher and added icon sets - but Verizon doesn't have one to replace it with at this time and can't tell mw when they'll get one.
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    im guessing this issue could be widespread. it could be a manufacturing issue.
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    I got a green pixel stuck on the top part of the screen...
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    I got a pixel that only stick to white sometimes. When I open the same application 10 times it only shows white maybe 3-4 of them. Very wierd....

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