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    I'm still kind of new to this but here it gose. I remembered an app on my old 600&650 that I had that let you choose what pictures you wanted to diplay when you turned the phone radio on&off. Can't remember what it was called, way to long ago. Anyway I started just pokin around the registry and came across this:

    Under it are some value decription:

    GoodbyeImage = RadioGoodbye_Sprint.bmp
    GoodbyeSound = RadioOff.wav
    WelcomeImage = RadioWelcome_Sprint.bmp
    WelcomeSound = RadioOn.wav

    I played a round with these 4 setting for abit and the only thing I could come up with putting quote marks around the 2 wav files. That made the sounds stop. I'm gonna try and put in the names of some of the other alarm sounds names to see if it will change the radioOn/Off sounds. I tried lookin for other bmp. files, I'm perrty sure I don't have any bmp. files on the phone(at least I think???). Plus I tried putting quotations around the whole GoobyeImage value line and just Sprint.bmp and all that did was lockup the device when I went to turn the phone radio back on. If any of you guys that know what to look for maybe to make it so we could use the pic or pics of our choose on radioOn/Off. I'll post back to lets ya's know if other wav files work. TY
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    So ya it works. I just when't to the Sounds & Notifications app, choose one of the notifications that didn't use any of the mp3 I have loaded. Picked 2 wav. files, Infbeg for the on sound & Infend for the off sound. I works. Now to figure out how to change the pics and fun fun fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PDAholic View Post
    Don't know if anybody has posted this yet, but if you want the date to display on the top bar with the clock:

    Create a binary value named "TBOpt" with value of "13 00 00 00"
    Quote Originally Posted by PalmDM View Post
    this has worked for me, except that
    it fails to show the year,

    Looking around at other sites, I found a useful thread at xda-developers (I can't submit the link because this is my first post):

    Seems like fixing the date format is done by creating another value at:
    Call it "SSDte" (no quotes).
    Value is "dd MMM " (no quotes).

    Note the extra 2 spaces after MMM. This keeps it from disappearing under the OK button. There are many other formats you can try:

    "dd MMM yy "or "MMM d " or "d.M.yy " or "dd.M " or "MM / dd " .

    I love having the date there now
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    Quote Originally Posted by Music View Post
    This has likely been posted, but I couldn't find it via a search. I have had my phone battery completely discharge overnight due to a connected data session. I found this fix (2 registry edits) for those interested:

    change 600 to 60 (or any number of idle seconds before disconnect)

    Multiline value / String SuspendResume
    change #777 to GPRS_bye_if_device_off
    Thanks for this
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    I'm suprised that others haven't complained about this, but I find it extremely annoying when I receive an HTML formatted email, that I have to click "Download Images" on each one, each time.

    Is there a registry change or a setting I have missed to fix this?

    I am using Gmail via IMAP. Please help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by b3tt3r View Post
    keep the tweaks coming!

    Does the bandwidth fix work if your using Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta? If not please tell me how I can adjust this for more connections.
    Yes please!
    I despise IE -_-
    I tried looking arround in my reg. for a similar D_WORD reg., but I'm quite new to the Treo let alone Windows Mobile.
    So far I like the fact that it can be such a versitle device. But from reading the forms it seems they stacked a lot of "handycaps".
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdsnov73 View Post
    Well something screwy is going on with my phone. I can change the SavedScript value, and it sticks no problem. The Script value won't stick.

    I just put my phone on vibrate. Went into the registry. Looked at the ring script values. The SavedScript is the same as it is when the phone is on ring, but the Script value is different, av2w1vw1v5w3r.

    So, I had my phone set to ring, went into the registry and changed both script values.

    I exited the registry editor. Switched my phone to vibrate. Went in to see the values. Exited the editor, turned the phone back to ring, back into the registry and again the Script value was back to its original but the SavedScript value was still the modified value. I didn't even do a phone reset. This is just going into and out of the registry, switching phone from ring to vibrate and back to ring.

    I'm at a loss.
    Why dont they make that stupid switch work or just disconnect the dam speaker. Is palm always this redicoulous or is this there first screw up?
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    What's wrong with your switch? Mine works perfect...switch it to the left, and the phone makes noise when it's supposed to...switch it to the right, and it shuts up until I switch it back. The switch worked perfectly on my old Treo 700wx, and it works perfectly for everybody else I know that has a Palm product. This switch actually is one of the top reasons I love Palm devices so much.

    Also, I read some of your other posts in this thread about repeating reminders and such...don't know if you solved it, but have you tried TreoAlert? You can customize pretty much every notification on your phone without ever touching the registry.
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    This is not the right place to complain about a broken switch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimh2000 View Post
    To create remark in the registry put quote marks on both sides of the word or sentence and the system won't read it.
    single quote or double. I would guess single since a typical .reg file uses double quote to identify the key that is being changed.


    Would you do this then

    'Disable notifications of new mail messages'


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    Quote Originally Posted by darylrue View Post
    single quote or double. I would guess single since a typical .reg file uses double quote to identify the key that is being changed.


    Would you do this then

    'Disable notifications of new mail messages'


    Usually you just put quotes around the value "00005000" and phone won't read the value in quotes.

    You could then type a new value after "00005000" 5120 and phone reads the value of 5120.
    This allows you to keep track of the old value in case the new value causes problems
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    Anyone have any luck with the reg tweak to make reminders repeat? I hard reset device and am trying to only implement proven tweaks. Here is what I have so far.... But I would really love to do this with reminders at least but only if stable. I tried treo alerts but would like to keep this as clean / simple setup as possible.

    ;disables email notifications

    ;add the Low Battery option to the drop down list in "Sounds & Notifications
    @="Low Battery"
    ; @=""
    ;works fine no adjustments needed

    ;Contacts and tasks truncated to 5120 bytes fix
    ; default 5120
    ; "BodyTruncation"=dword:00001400
    ; Works after reset - Do this before activesync setup!

    ;Repeating text message notifications
    ;default below
    ; No need to reset, in sounds & notifications, check the repeat box.
    ; Works (with sound only, still vibrates only once but the sound will repeat until you dismiss).
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    There was a question a little ways back in this thread and it was never resolved.

    Is there a way to get the option key to stick when you press it like it did on some older palm phones? For clarification, when I hold the option key and press the windows start button it takes me to pictures and videos. I want to be able to not have to hold the option key and just press it once and it stick like when you are typing a message or something. I don't even know if it is possible but I thought I would throw it out there again.
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    Is there an edit to make it so if you have two calls active to only end one of those calls? Maybe I cannot find the button or option to make it like that but whenever I hit the red end button it always ends both calls. Same thing happened on my 755p. Is this possible to change?
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    On the option button,
    Not that I have seen, the best way around this is to use AE Buttons Plus, a really nice program.
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    I have the 800w. On the todat screen, it has a row that says sprint on the left side and has a few shortcuts on the right. How do I get rid of it? It taking up space I need on the screen. Is there a tweak for this??
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    Have not tried it yet but I pulled this from hannip's thread I think.
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    I installed it but it did not do anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shacklock View Post

    I installed it but it did not do anything.
    You'll have to go into:
    Start Menu -> Settings -> Today -> Items and make sure HideCarrier is checked.

    FYI, the original thread is here if you need more info:
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    Thanks for all these hacks but I'm missing how I can silence the Dial Keyboard. I can't find it in these threads or making it work in the registry. I'm trying to make my 800 Quiet. Thank again. Kudos!

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