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    My speaker phone and ear peace is not very good as well. The person on the other line also gets an echo if I have the ear peace volume all the way up. Anyone think it can be fixed with a software update or is it a hardware issue?
    I think you're experiencing a different issue. You'll find the following information on page 375 of the User Guide.

    Is the Other Person Hearing an Echo?
    - Try decreasing the volume on your Treo to avoid coupling or feedback on the other personís end. This applies to both the speakerphone and to the handset earpiece.
    - Position the Treo closer to your ear to prevent sound leaking back to the microphone. Keep your hand away from the microphone hole in the lower-left corner of your device.
    - If youíre using Speakerphone mode with your Treo lying on a flat surface, try turning the device face-down (screen facing the surface).

    Are You Hearing Your Own Voice Echo?
    - Ask the other person to turn down their volume or to hold the Treo closer to their ear.
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    Try turning off your wifi and see if that effects your crackling. When mine is on, I experience this exact same effect through bluetooth, the handset, and the speaker.
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