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    I have 4 lines on a plan with Sprint. 2 are in contract (my wife and I) and 2 are not (our older parents).

    I want a treo 800w to replace my less than 1 year old Centro. Wife also has a Centro and is happy with it.

    I'd prefer not to trample all over the other users on my account by making them switch numbers, etc. What strategies might I use to get myself an affordable 800w? 5th line with some kind of number switch? Some of you have the latest phones all the time. You don't pay retail for them do you?

    I have even considered paying the (prorated?) termanation fee to Sprint and porting our numbers to Verizon. Only because Verizon has better coverage around here and EVDO. What problems would I run into going this route. Verizon says we can keep our numbers? I can't figure out Verizons data plans. My wife and I have $10 unlimited Vision plans on our Centros. It looks like it would cost a lot more on Verizon. ATT wasn't available until very recently here. They don't have high speed internet here yet otherwise I'd probably switch to them.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Sure would be nice if you could just buy a phone and pick a carrier. But that would just be to simple.
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    verizon is a rip off

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