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    Anyone have both of these devices and want to do a comparison?

    I needed to stay on GSM company provided plan so I went the HP 910 route while awaiting the 800/850. I have to tell you I miss the Palm Sauce and the keyboard slightly.

    The Treo 750v has been the best smartphone I have used over the year, but it needed to be retired (1.5 years is a long time for a ppc).

    However my HP 910 has WM6.1, WIFI, GPS, QVGA screen (bright), 1900+ battery and I am happy at this point. I can stop wanting the next QWERTY bar device and be happy until something comes along and upsets my HP apple cart. The HP keyboard has turned out to be better than it looked. Also Mini USB.

    Hp feels a bit wide (Motorola Q or Blackberry wide), but i can handle this.

    I am using AE Button Plus to bridge the gap for Palm Sauce.

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    How much free RAM and ROM after reset? What's the screen res?
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    I started installing stuff right away!

    HP IPAQ 910c

    Total: 125.74 MB
    In Use: 43.49 MB (have not received my 4 MB MicroSD Card yet)
    Free: 82.25 MB

    Total: 112.24 MB
    In Use: 51.55 MB (have not received my 4 MB MicroSD Card yet)
    Free: 60.69 MB

    Palm is the king of WM OS Optimization, very nice job by Palm.

    I stopped by a Sprint store yesterday just to hold it and the feel is nice. I just have to wait for a GSM version, no SPrint for me.

    The HP 910 is a solid hold me over for now.

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    HP makes a nice device, but Palm's sauce is key.

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