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    Here is how you can get Iguidance to work on a 320x320 screen:

    1) Unistall Iguidance on your PDA (if installed)
    2) Reinstall Iguidance on your PDA but do not open Iguidance
    3) Go to the install directory and run Iguidancephone.exe or IguidanceQVGA.exe
    4) Iguidance should work as normal
    5) If you open the Iguidance.exe file it will delete the other files, so don't open the Iguidance file. I suggest making a copy of the Iguidancephone.exe and rename it. Make sure its in the same directory as the other files.
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    Quote Originally Posted by je255j View Post
    So what does that fix do? Just display 320x240 screens stretched out to fit? Or does it actually utilize 320x320 pixels of screen real estate as such?
    Although the interface is stretched (Navigon does the same for the other resolutions on the PDA), the map is drawn correctly in 320x320.

    Here's an updated version for the latest MN7 7.3.4 PDA: Download Navigon 7.3.4 PDA trial and patch 320x320 config | TreoProTricks
    Click here for more Treo Pro Tricks
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